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LiSEC America

For over 60 years, LiSEC has been producing glass processing machines, offering innovative single and system solutions and software in the field of flat glass processing and refining.

In an exciting development for the workspace landscape, The Bainey Group proudly announces the successful completion of a bespoke office build-out for LiSEC America. The project marks a significant milestone in both companies’ commitment to innovative design and functional work environments.

With a focus on modernity and efficiency, the newly constructed office space reflects LiSEC America’s dedication to fostering creativity and collaboration among its team members. The Bainey Group, renowned for its expertise in architectural design and construction, brought this vision to life through meticulous planning and execution.

The build-out showcases contemporary design elements seamlessly integrated with practical features tailored to LiSEC America’s operational needs. From sleek workstations to dynamic communal areas, every aspect of the office reflects a commitment to fostering productivity and employee well-being.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with LiSEC America on this exciting project,” said Heather Mayer, Project Manager at The Bainey Group. “The design emphasizes not only functionality but also creates an inspiring atmosphere where employees can thrive and innovate.”

LiSEC America, a leading provider of high-tech machinery and systems for the manufacturing of flat glass, has long been recognized for its dedication to excellence. The newly constructed office space aligns with the company’s ethos, providing a sophisticated yet comfortable environment for its team members to excel.

As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of thoughtful workspace design, this project stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaborative vision and expertise.

Project Manager : Heather Mayer

Project Assistant: Angie Askin

Field Supervisor: Bob Paszkiewicz