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A Day out at the Ames Site!

This year we’ve had the chance to spend more time with family than ever before. While sometimes you take your work home with you, it’s a lot more fun to take your home to work!!

Meet Caleb and Cletis! A father/son project team that love getting the chance to see one of our sites being built and meet the teams out in the field.

The Bainey Group is working with our valued partner Ames Construction

What was your favorite part of the day?

“The Crane and the picnic lunch with Steve and Pat!”

Always a good day with a little Five Guys burgers!

Do you like going to work at the jobsite?


What does Dad think about having his son joining the Team?

  • I don’t have the words to express how SPECIAL it was to have my son with me on the job, experiencing what “Daddy” does at work. But, to also have Caleb Welcomed Unconditionally, not only by the Bainey Team, but also by the Ames Construction Team was absolutely Wonderful.  This will be one of those Moments in Life that will never lose its shine.  The Joy on my son’s face the entire day was irreplaceable.
    • As Caleb said:  “DADDY, I LOVE IT HERE!  HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!”